LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Giant Reverse on the Go MM 2WAY Tote Bag M45039 Leather

GZo84r. In stock N/A


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Brand Louis Vuitton
Line Monogram
MPN g5000008200600008
Type Tote bag
Monogram Reverse
Color Monogram, Monogram Reverse
Size (HxWxD) 26cm x 34.5cm x 14.5cm / 10.23” x 13.58” x 5.7”
Handle Length 33cm / 12.99”
Strap Length 54cm / 21.25”
Included Items
Accessories Notice Before purchasing, please refer to the images of the accessories included with the item.
Condition Used (very good)
Ranking Rank A Used – A few traces of usage, some scratches / dirt can be seen but overall in very good condition
Seller Ranking
Rank A
Damage Ranking
Front Dirt
Corner Scuff
Hardware Scuff
Condition Notice Before purchasing, please refer to the images for the exact condition of the item.