Counterfeit handbags and apparel plague our industry and have increased dramatically since the rise of technology. At Granted Apparel, we have an expert team who checks the consignments and gently-used name brand bags as well as new trade-ins. To ensure quality, we created the Granted Authentic line to physically verify each discount designer purse as authentic. This process authenticates that knock-offs are not sold by us.

Steps to ensure the Granted Authentic Line:

  • Make sure you are shopping on, not some variation.
  • Look for our official “Granted Authentic” seal.
  • Consider the price. If you find a Granted Authentic ITEM somewhere else for significantly less than us, it is more than likely a fraudulent site.
  • Look at delivery dates. Typically these knock-off sites will have longer-than-normal time frames. Authentic retailers have access to large inventories and have direct relationships with designers to ensure prompt delivery.
  • Look for contact information. If no contact info is listed, especially an address, make sure they are an authorized retailer.
  • Images can be deceiving. Counterfeit sites often steal images from designer websites to use as their own. Customers receive a poorly constructed knockoff dress or “authentic” handbag. Some may not even receive a dress at all.

Now that you know what to look out for, you can rest easy knowing that our luxury pre-owned designer handbags, apparel, and accessories are the real deal!